It's official! 10 Years of Chaos !!

Noteworthy info from the Chaos team (forum Registration code, IRC info, etc)
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R.Flagg wrote:Hi, and thanks!

We threw those guys out, for one two many wardrobe malfunctions in the office.
LoL. 8O
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What about the date the map was created that said "Kill Pyro" on the wall? That's a pretty noteworthy date! :twisted:
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For the record, we have passed our anniversary date, and Chaos is now officially over 10 years old. It would just seem more 'real' if we had a release to back it up.

Fingers crossed, still hoping we'll see something for UT3.
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ut3 chaos

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I agree, chaos for ut3 would be awesome, is anyone currently working on this?
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