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Noteworthy info from the Chaos team (forum Registration code, IRC info, etc)
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Registration code

Post by q66 »

As we were getting spam account registrations, we had to enable a code-based registration system so that only real people can register.

The current registration code is
UPDATE: Please see ... f=1&t=6588 -- Edited by Tim
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Re: Registration code

Post by R.Flagg »

If you try to register to our forums and do not receive an activation email, please just let me know, and we'll manually activate you. Sorry for the problem.

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Re: Registration code

Post by Hermskii »

My forum does this too sometimes. I never figured out why Now I send a email to the new member as soon as they join so they can contact me if they have trouble. Usually they are fine.

I have found my forum does not like usernames with special characters in them. Someone with a name like *NEW//---p1ay3r* won't be able to register at my forum usually. Fine by me too. LOL. I hate it when people jack up their names so bad I can hardly tell what it says. LOL.

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