Ok, so... what is Chaos anyway?

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Ok, so... what is Chaos anyway?

Post by R.Flagg »

If you were to write a 'blurb', summing up what exactly is Chaos, could you do it?

Twitter friendly attempt from Q;
Chaos is a multiplayer first person shooter with unique gameplay provided by novel elements such as grapple hook, anti-gravity belts and living proximity mines

Web site friendly attempt from me;
Chaos is an over-the-top, old-school, PC-Only, multi-player, first-person arena shooter, with an array of crazy weapons, and over 10 years of game play development and tweaking. There is no story to get in the way here, there is no campaign to grind through – and it fits snugly into the category of medieval/sci-fi/fantasy games.
With intensely unique weapons such as ‘living’, laughing Proxy Mines that taunt you and chase you around the map, to Gravity Vortex Launchers that create powerful black holes on demand. Place turrets around the map and control them remotely, teleport out of sure-death situations with your personal teleporter, or take out an entire crowd of enemies with your Kamikaze explosion while screaming like a lunatic.
Perhaps best of all though, is the off-hand grappling hooks and personal Anti-Gravity Belts which give each player the ability to move around the game world in a truly three dimensional style like no other game can deliver.

Sound easy? Give it a shot. Would be interesting to see what you come up with.
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Re: Ok, so... what is Chaos anyway?

Post by Dr.Flay »

Not quite sure why you put this in the non-Chaos section?
Anyway, inspired by answering another post, I turned that to suit the needs of your question, and my need to talk b*ll*cks.
Those who know me from elsewhere, may know what to expect.
Sorry, this will not be concise, but it will be full of fun and passion and when I can "in-jokes" :wink:
Here goes...UT writing-head on!

I have worshipped at the temple of Chaos for far too long to find joy in the heathen land I find outside.
But temporarily I was blinded by Chaos-brother Genman's tricky, Jedi-mind...trick.
8O BLASPHEMER !!! (angry)
Wicked tempter of weary travellers.
A seductive siren, calling in the dark. (revil)

Upon reading the inscription of my fellow disciple at the Courts of Chaos, I did step with trepidation through yonder portal.
I was deceived upon my arrival, to find I was not greeted by the hosts of Chaos !
Nay, nor even into the all-encompassing arms of our Mother Unreal (she who doth give content forever, with her mystic fertility).

Truly I was in a foreign land. A land of lies and deviants (eeeek)
I averted my eyes from the temptations on display before me, and hurried back to whence I came.

There is no Chaos at the end of that rainbow my brethren. Your thirst will not be quenched.
You will find no salvation there.

To come into the Holy Halls of Chaos with this blasphemy is sheer...uuumm....blasphemy!
I accuse you of being a WITCH !
A spreader of disease and plagues !
Trial or no trial. Jury or none.
I say we BURN THE SINNER !! (clap)
We must burn him before the Proxy-King himself hears of this, for his anger will be mighty and wrathful.
I fear his majesty would raise an army of Chaos. Bringing the old legions of Chaos from their scattered homes.
We all miss the glory days, lopping-off a head here, a head there...*sigh..drifting-off
...but I fear with so little new-blood, we may be out numbered.
The blood will rise and boil. The blood of our enemies will stain the very fabric of the net itself.
Our trusty Chaos weapons may be out-dated now. A blind-eye cast towards Unreal the third is a loss, but in the FPS world we still have the edge my loyal followers of Chaos. We have the bloody-edge of cold synthi-steel.
When it comes down to it, when the ammo count is dropping, and the body-count is rising...we, my Chaotic brethren have the melee weapons they don't.
...The weapons to part their wicked and lie-filled heads, from their evil and heartless bodies (sliced)
You will see the Vangaurd on the battlefield. The old ones...The ones who first studied the ancient scripts of the temple of Quake, and brought them across the scarred battle-grounds, to our Mother of all creation, Unreal.
You will recognise them my brethren, for even donning their finest DX9 renderers and Hi-Res skins, they will stand out amongst you.
They will be the ones wielding (or waving in an odd fashion) the the original sword of Chaos, the Bastard!
...sorry, the Chaos Bastard-Sword.
It's not that the old-farts can't give-up their old trusty blade, it's just that no-one ever imported any, so help them out when you can, as their age means they don't animate so well.
...Swingin' a sword is a young-man's game...oooh my old bones...

:proxy: We can trap them, and hunt them with our proxies... those cute little critters are just so damned friendly.
We can draw their campers from their skulking, dank holes with our Gravity Vortexes.
We can humiliate them them by ricochet! Fire bullets at them, in the...where they're not expecting, with our trusty Chaos rifles (gasman)
Bring them to their filthy knees. HA! We can even kick them to their knees. Humiliate the rooftop campers, by kicking them to their squishy doom.
Rain napalm on their screaming and hideous heads, and gift flaming arrows deep into their bodies so as to purge the putrid evil from their writhing corpse-mesh.
Swinging out of the shadows, like old days of the Chaos Ninjas with our grappling-hooks.
Cutting them down in their droves, every Chaos warrior spurred-on and enhanced by their favourite Relics.
Piling the enemies heads in their flag-rooms, before claiming the final flag.
...did I tell you about that time I put a gravity-vortex in the enemy flag-room?...Yeah?
Re-spawn-die-re-spawn-die-re-spawn-die...yeah we certainly knew how to have fun.
....I had quite a price on my head that day, I can tell you that ! They were not quite so amused...biggest "Multi-Ultra-Mega-Uber-God-like-Monster-Holy BatSh*t-Insane" score I ever had....*sigh...
flaggrules ....Ahhh, yes the glory days.... :proxy:
...Umm, yes where was...?...as I was saying this must...must...not happen?
Nay, the Proxy-King must never hear of this !
I say we burn the bringer-of-deception, atop a pile of Halo and Call of Duty manuals, in the centre of our glorious Chaos Stone-henge. flaggrules
....Connecting to Chaos server, Court of the Proxy-King.
Choose your areana now Warrior, or die on your knees.
Vote now.....
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Re: Ok, so... what is Chaos anyway?

Post by Hermskii »

That is exactly what I was going to say! You beat me to it.

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Re: Ok, so... what is Chaos anyway?

Post by Dr.Flay »

I think I got dragged into the miasma.

Righteous indignation always good for a laugh.
Spluttering, spitting and shaking with rage.
then. "What no war?"
Awww, I was polishing my armour and everything man.
...How about a quickie?
a tiny-little war?
a friendly battle?
surely a lil'ole skirmish with the lads, would...be..?
A punch-up then? Our best man vs theirs?
Hooowww about a thumb-wrestle?
Game of cards?

Sod you then, I'm of to play UT :mrgreen:
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