Email problems resolved

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Email problems resolved

Post by Tim »

Hey there!

Some of you may have noticed not getting any emails from this board -- either for activation, password reminders, etc...

After some work, I've managed to resolve the issue. It was a bug in PhpBB, apparently to do with SMTP email sending - I had to enable that and then disable it again for it to start working.

After trying the fix, I've tested it by emailing myself from the board (via mass email) and also tried creating a new user - both worked fine now.
In case you're still having trouble activating your accounts, drop me an email to "tim" @ this domain ("webmaster" will work as well).

Once again, apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.
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Re: Email problems resolved

Post by R.Flagg »

FYI for anyone -

I've had a couple emails from folks who still had issues.

If you try to register and do not receive your email, please just let me know. We'll take care of it.

rflagg at chaoticdreams dot com
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