Updates to the Mail System

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Updates to the Mail System

Post by Tim »

Any/all of you getting false positive spam mail from @chaoticdreams.org emails will be glad to know that I've updated certain things regarding Chaos' mail. The previous setup was ... not exactly optimal, and some spamfilters may have found it suspicious (e.g. repeated similar messages that contained links --- say, because of activation or links to private messages). The fact that I didn't have the DNS records setup completely didn't help.

The server at this IP even got blacklisted at one spam-tracking website (out of many that are auto-checked for better spam identification; but fortunately only one, out of 50 or so, the IP was unlisted elsewhere), but I've managed to get 'em to lift the blacklist.

The long story involves a bunch of acronyms like SPF, DKIM and DMARC, so I won't go too far into it --- it basically has to do with anti-spoofing measures, email policy on spam messages (I should get auto-informed now if a message is rejected as spam somewhere out there, so that I can figure out what went wrong) and so on. Implementing all that means that mail servers know that email has originated at this domain, instead of just guessing.
But long story short, spam filters should be way happier with emails originating from the Chaos server now. I tested my send emails on a bunch of websites meant for just that purpose, and it seems like things are okay now!

Do note that there will (probably) still be some false-positives, as I'm not yet *100%* done (I'll keep "tweaking this" as I go, should I find any more issues), but I'm getting there.

Also, if you had previous Chaos messages in spam (and didn't bother removing them from there), future ones might still end up there. That's because previous were spam, and new ones are similar to those, so they get labeled as spam as well.

TL;DR version: Email originating from this website should be far less suspicious to spamfilters now!
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Re: Updates to the Mail System

Post by R.Flagg »

Thank you, MrTim. Great job, as always.

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