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IF your Chaos isn't working - Please read here first
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Author:  R.Flagg [ Wed May 18, 2005 1:15 pm ]
Post subject:  IF your Chaos isn't working - Please read here first

The latest public version of Chaos is 3.75, please start by verifying that you are running the latest version.

You can do this by starting the game, activating the mod, and looking and the bottom right of the main Chaos menu screen, there in mouse text it will display what version you are running.


Chaos requires the ECE Bonus pack, and you should just assume that Chaos will always require the latest patch from Epic. Currently that is patch 3369.

Two examples of where you can get these files are:


If the UMOD version does not install correctly, try reinstalling the 3369 patch.


Chaos is a large mod, please make sure you have installed the full mod, and not simply a patch.


Chaos works with many various other custom mods and mutators, but not all of them! So if you are having issues, and you are running other mods and muts, <i>please try it without the other stuff first(!)</i>, before posting your issues here.

If you find out that what you have is not a Chaos bug, but a compatibility issue, then you can post that too if you want, we're not opposed to addressing those. It just makes life easier for us if you've already discovered that on your own before posting.


IF you do have any issues, please copy/paste the complete contents of your log file, instead of any error message that pops up on your screen. The log file is usually where the useful info is located.

- If you are playing a standard game type with the Chaos mut, the log you want is UT2004.log, and it is located in your UT2004\System folder.

- If you are playing a Chaos game type, the log you want is ChaosUT2.log, and it is located in your UT2004\ChaosUT2\System folder.

The log file is overwritten each time you play, so wait for the issue to occur, and then go copy/paste the log file at that time.


What else? ....

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