You grappled me at "Hello"

If you're having a problem with any of the UT versions of Chaos, post here for help.
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You grappled me at "Hello"

Post by Hermskii »

Hey people, yes, you too, I'm calling you out! The ChaosUT website has over 1,000,000 hits and this place has a history of being busy.

I challenge you to right now send a copy of this link of this post to everybody you know who ever cared about this mod and tell them to visit this link at least one more time and post ANYTHING!

There are lots of folks who have shown up, installed this mod and had simple questions like myself and we need answers. A much smaller mod called MonsterHunt had far less support and the following in the beginning and now it has taken off in the UT community.

This mod has tons to offer and tons to challenge new modders with! There are way too many people out there that won't step away from UT(99) ever and yet they want something new, something different. This is the answer. This is the change of pace many seek.

I don't care if this mod fizzled out for the crappy UT3. UT3 was crap. Sorry but it is true. UT and UT2K4 are more than enough for several hundred if not thousand Unreal Tournament players.

Don't mess this up! I don't care if this post has been here a day or a month or a year or five. Post something right here RIGHT NOW! Send it to another player you used to play with. Maybe they'll post something. Anything. I may help. It may the one post that gets one more player hooked or helped enough to really get this mod in the forefront where it deserves to be!

I am Hermskii and I approve of this topic! Thank you!

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Re: You grappled me at "Hello"

Post by Dr.Flay »

About 1 year ;)

The problem is (or was) the lack of any development or add-ons for Chaos.
The only extra I found, is a baseball-bat for 2K4.

For many gamers Chaos was (and still is) an integral part of UT99, because of the GOTY edition, but many of the 2K4 users are unaware of it.
I've been doing my best to remedy that on my site, as Chaos is listed as the first mod to get, once you have installed either UT :mrgreen:

I have sent many of the people who just got UT via Steam, to get more mods, as the new blood seem to be unaware of the massive catalogue of lunacy they are missing.
They are the ones shouting in the IRC channel "I want to play" or "why can't I connect?"
I send them for mods while they wait for the server-list to populate :mrgreen:

That's my tip to get them here. Hang out in the UT chat-room and tell them what they're missing ;) ... relay-chat
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