ChaosUT with Ut_GOTY command line problems

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ChaosUT with Ut_GOTY command line problems

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I'm trying to run ChaosUT on Unreal tournament GOTY from command line.

It works absolutely fine from clicking dedicated in create new network game when i manually load up the game and configure it, but i can't get it to run when i make a batch file.

What command line parameters and config files do i need to get this to work from ucc.exe?

Thanks for any help

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Post by R.Flagg »


Does this help?
Sample bat file to start a koth server:

cd \unrealtournament\system
ucc server koth_alpha_pyramid.unr?Game=Chaosgames.ChaosKOTH?Listen -server log=server.log

and for KOTH team game

cd \unrealtournament\system
ucc server koth_outpost_arena.unr?Game=Chaosgames.ChaosTeamKOTH?Listen -server log=server.log
(quoted from ChaosUT server setup page)
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