I can't seem to block with the Bastard Sword in UT99

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I can't seem to block with the Bastard Sword in UT99

Post by Skerion »

I get that I'm decades late to pointing this out, but there's probably a chance that this can get resolved since there still seems to be a bit of activity going on here.

I was messing around with ChaoUT's Arena mutator with the weapon set to the Bastard Sword as well as the Sword Melee mutator, and I noticed that the alt attack doesn't seem to do anything. I was wondering what was up with this seemingly useless function despite the fact that the website said that you could block projectiles and other attacks with it, and then I found out that it only works if you have the main ChaosUT mutator turned on or if you're playing one of the CUT gamemodes. This is kind of a problem for me, because I just want a match with only the sword and not the extra stuff that the main ChaosUT gamemode has like the items and the constant sneezing and burping.

I don't think I should be expecting a bug fix for an old mod like this, but I'm still wondering if there's any chance at all of me being able to get a solution for this issue. I'd imagine that my best bet would be to do some modification with the code, though I'm not exactly well versed with UED2's programming language.
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Re: I can't seem to block with the Bastard Sword in UT99

Post by R.Flagg »

The issue you mentioned is not a bug.

The manual says as much;
The following mini-mutators were intended to be used in combination (!!!) with the main ChaosUT V1.1 Mutator, without it, your results may vary.

SwordMelee – Everyone’s starting melee weapon is a ChaosUT Bastard Sword

Arena Mutator – All weapons and ammo are replaced with the ones that are selected in the ChaosUT Configs under the Arena Mutator selection.
And just to be clear, even if you do find a bug (there are some), do not expect any updates from us. All action now is for our current project. Which by the way, just as of last night, has a very early rough-on-the-edges sword

Maybe you can join us in UT4, and cut people with no offensive bodily functions. And yeah, sorry about all that sneezin' and burpin'. We did finally remove that for later versions. It had run it's course.
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