TrixieMoo, I thank you

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TrixieMoo, I thank you

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Hermskii wrote: I see the moocity server or something like that too is doing all it can to keep this mod rolling. I applaud that effort for sure....
I agree Mr. Hermskii, and Trixie deserves a mention for her efforts. She has been doing an excellent job of posting news about games on the Chaos site, and even other attempts to get the word out.

Eg: she gets the word to PlanetQuake.

EG: ... il&id=4209 she gets the pic to PQ as well.

Thanks Trixie! I knew we had the right person for the Q2 PR job.
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Re: TrixieMoo, I thank you

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Thank you both for the lovely praise, along with the nice post of highlighting my efforts in Q2 Chaos. It's nice to be appreciated and I highly respect what the both of you do as well. Thanks again!

~Trixie ;)
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