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Video submissions welcome

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Chaos - specific video submissions are currently being welcomed. If they are well done, and clearly show Chaos weapons/features in action, they will be used on the main web site under the Q2 section for mod promotion / feature explanation. Credit will be given for the Director, of course. (shout) To be clear, we're not really looking for just "me fragging online last night" type of videos. We're looking for videos which very clearly and specifically show a particular Chaos weapon/item/feature in use.

Hell, if we get one or two people doing lots of them, we might even just give them Contributor status to the main web site, and let them start posting them in updates directly to the main web site.

To make it easy, we have added the custom YouTube button to the posting feature of this board. All you have to do is

1) upload your video to YouTube,
2) get the long-link for your video,
3) hit the YouTube button when posting (in this thread!),
4) stick your link in between the [youtube][/youtube] tags.

Free version of Fraps works for me when doing CUT2 vids, at least for 30 sec vids. There are certainly other free options available as well. I also found this 26 second video to be useful.

If you like playing, and enjoy seeing the servers with players playing, then get up-stand up, and lend a hand @ promotion. These things don't happen w/o community involvement.

Oh, and BTW - Good old fashioned screenshots are still just as welcome as they've always been.

Questions and/or comments about Q2Chaos in general should be sent immediately and w/o hesitation to Trixie at chaoticdreams dot org <- the Q2Chaos News Master / Scheduling Queen Extraordinaire.

Thank you for reading.
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