My UT2004 resurected.

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My UT2004 resurected.

Post by Dr.Flay »

Hooray !!!
For 2 years my UT2004 drive has been waiting for me to salvage it, and finally that day came.
It required a bunch of repairs but now I can start practising my melee skills again :twisted:

After a few hours I was finally ready to run, and then found out my 1 weak-link :(
I don't have my damned disc or box. Balls :(
So I have had to do a bad thing and create a temporary key. This means until I find my box (or who borrowed it) I will not be able to indulge online :cry:

F%@&#*$ A$% HAT !!! GRRRRR !!!!
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Re: My UT2004 resurected.

Post by Tim »

I'm pretty sure there must be a way of retrieving the game key of an already-installed game, if the game is installed on that drive.

But if you're planning on re-buying it, UT2004 is 40% off on GOG at the moment, and it's DRM-free:
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