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:cry: My newest PC died last week and after a few days I had to give up on it and resurrect my XP box.
Without spares I can't tell if the CPU or motherboard (or both) are faulty.
The power supply had definitely failed but is now repaired, and for the moment I can't do any more.

I forgot my XP box was getting cranky and in the middle of being rebuilt when it was replaced, so I had another few days getting a working motherboard running as the old upgrade did not go to plan.
I now at least have a faster CPU and more RAM on my old 32bit workhorse, but now I have to finish backing up what I need and prepare for reinstall.
Not sure, but Win7 should run fine on it if I can find drivers, but I may be stuck in a time warp for a while

I may have a problem with many of my passwords for a while, but thankfully I use portable browser installs on an external drive, so I have my own setup when I go to the radio station.
My Chaos forum password is stored so I can get in here without problem (I need to write it down).

Been a bit weird surrounded by all this hardware and no internet or mp3 ability.
So glad I still buy CDs, so I have not suffered a lack of music (just a bit annoying having to get up and change discs)
I am back, but it may be with a limp.
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Re: Techno-necromancy

Post by R.Flagg »

bummer dude.

sorry about the issues
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Re: Techno-necromancy

Post by sherry159 »

That's why I always do a research of market before buying anything.
Recently bought a new Asus GL752VW especially for gaming. No complaints at all. Absolutely love it
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