It’s been a while

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It’s been a while

Post by genman »

Hope all is well with everyone, how’s the mod coming along
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Re: It’s been a while

Post by R.Flagg »

Hi genman.

Mod for UT4 is in fact still progressing, just much slower, and cautiously.

Epic walked away at a bad stopping point, at least from our point of view. We cannot update the mod to the last public version they released. We're stuck on the version before that. Sucks to be us.

But, Warhead is still tweaking, and we'll still have another IR to test soon. We just don't know if they will ever return to UT4. And if not, we're stuck on an outdated version of a potentially dead game.

However, we are still putting our toes in the water for possible UE4 version. Who knows. Maybe we will. Ongoing tests to determine. We have on board so far 1 of each: sound, art, maps, code - with possible more in future.

For continued chat if you like, these days our Discord is most active place:
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Re: It’s been a while

Post by alexis92 »

I'd love for a 2022 update on how things are going!
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