How to craft Log Stakes in ACNH?

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How to craft Log Stakes in ACNH?

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Log Stakes is a fence tool that can help players design their own islands. This is an excellent choice for blocking certain paths or entire areas. This is not worse than the effect achieved by Buy Bells Animal Crossing. Players can use islands to do what they want. The Log Stakes is designed reasonably at the beginning and can be made with limited resources. It is very suitable for beginners who need to divide the island. This is how the player makes them.

In order to make Log Stakes, players should have a workbench, which can be made from 3 pieces of waste wood. It is important to mention that it should be ordinary wood. Trying to use softwood or hardwood will not be possible to achieve the project. Maybe you can use Animal Crossing Bells to obtain it. Players can use the Flimsy ax to chop down the trees around the trees on the island. In addition, players can use air tickets to travel to another island or travel with friends to accumulate appropriate wood.
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Re: How to craft Log Stakes in ACNH?

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