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 Post subject: Trouble
PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:16 pm 

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Couple of things real quick. My servers are up but my regular Chaos Server won't advertise for some reason. I will get it past the firewall again soon.

Also, it another topic I mentioned I installed and ran the game by installing it, putting on a patch3369 and then connecting to myserver and it worked with no install of ECE bonus back. There is a good chance my server sent it to me via high speed redirect so I guess I did have it before I connected. Also, people mention 3.79 and upgrading to 3.81. What is that and where is that and how do we tell what we have now.
Also, where does it say on our chaos site here that ece is required with the patch to play. I could not find though I know I saw it there before. Sorry for typos. in a big hurry. have to go. bye.



 Post subject: Re: Trouble
PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:48 pm 
The Rail Man

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Hi Hermskii

Check out this link: about installing the ECE bonus pack.

Patch 3.81 is a beta patch the Dorian put together to fix some of the bugs that were found in the mod. you can get that here:

Here's the Change Log: Note if you install this on your server all the clients will need the patch to connect.

This patch was made for organizational purposes and is a compilation of everything 3.77, 3.8, and 3.8001 ever included.
There is no additional content or changes in this patch.
Version History
ChaosUT2 3.8001 Beta Changelog:

Chaos Capture The Flag and Chaos HyperCTF:
-Fixed bots not using vehicles entire match.
ChaosUT2 3.8 Beta Changelog:

-Newly designed for all gametypes.
-Primary Fire changed to "HB38", a rapid-fire variant of the Chaos Sniper Rifle with team-colored smoke trails.
-Alt Fire changed to a scope based on the Chaos Sniper Rifle's with corrected text descriptions of players and vehicles.
-Additional vehicle-tracking skull weapon based on the Chaos Vengeance Relic effect added, deployed via the "Drop Relic" Chaos key bind. Also contains team-colored trails.
-Roll Stunt Mode added, toggled via the "Kick" Chaos key bind.
-Increased pitch up limit for improved Hoverboard built-in Grapple Hook maneuverability.
-Increased Hoverboard built-in Grapple Hook cable length.
-Chaos Hyper Capture The Flag ability to pick up flags and score while on the board added.
-Fixed placement of board smoke and fire effects when damaged.
-Hoverboard drivers no longer fall through the map when kicked by enemies on foot.

Chaos Hyper Capture The Flag:
-New additional Gravity Proxy Launcher starting weapon added.

New ChaosUT2 Features:
-Personal Teleporter, inspired by Quake 2 Chaos, added to Chaos gametypes only except for Duel, KoTH/Team KoTH and Horde Hunters.
-"Effects Color" option added to Client Settings for non-team games.
-This setting affects the new "ERDW II" weapon, again in non-team games by changing its skin and trail colors.
-Gravbelt trail is also affected by this setting as well as the new particle effect for the Chaos Spraypaint.

-Chaos Settings" mid-game tab restored to Duel gametype.
ChaosUT2 3.77 Beta Changelog:

General Weapon Fixes:
-All weapons now autoswitch when out of ammo.

Chaos Grenade Launcher:
-Grenades no longer detonate on top of players while jumping or hanging from grapple.
-Poison and napalm grenade player damage sound effects now audible.

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