olly olly in come free!

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olly olly in come free!

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Chaos for UT4 has spent a HUGE amount of time trying to get our (sorry for using an over-used term here, but..) our next-gen Grapple to where it needed to be. And warhead has done just that. I give him tons of credit for not throwing in the towel, for having the dedication that seperates mod makers from talkers. But that's for another thread.

What this post is about, is for those folks who were involved in CUT4, but maybe kinda drifted a bit while waiting for these months to pass.

I know what it's like sometimes, we've all been there. It starts off innocently enough with a couple/few weeks of not posting, because you're waiting for something, or busy with RealLife, or whatever. It happens. But then, if the stretch gets long enough, you start to feel strangely guilty about not showing up, and suddenly it becomes hard to post again. Because you're worried that you "let somebody down", or that you won't be welcomed back.

Well, that's why I'm calling "all in free!". This is your chance to rejoin the action, w/o any hard feelings or lecture. If you have been here to chat with us about CUT4 - and drifted while waiting for grapple dev to end - come on in, and we'll start right where we left off.

BTW - this would also extend to inactive members from ChaosVersionsPast.

All are welcome. (up)
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