Recruiting for UE4 project

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Recruiting for UE4 project

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Edit: Epic pulled the plug on UT4. But we are testing our ideas in UE4. If you are interested in working on a indie Chaos game, this thread still applies. Please visit us in Discord to discuss our plans.

The Chaos series of mods have a long history of successful releases, dating all the way back to Quake 2;

To this day, Chaos still enjoys fairly wide and positive name recognition among players; ... 317#p69317

We've even been mentioned a few times now by Epic Games in their live Twitch streams. Here's an example; ... be&t=19m5s

Epic has also included plugs for Chaos on their blog; ... n-of-chaos ... of-chaos-1 ... of-chaos-2 ... of-chaos-3 ... of-chaos-4

Other media mentions include:
PCGames- ... tournament - ... oyeusetes/

Our current and active list of members for the UT4 UE4 project:
Shadowstar - audio
Thatscrawnykid - art
Warhead - code
KaelAlexis - code/art
Tim - web site & forums hosting
Dr. Flay - Social Media Manager
R.Flagg - project management

We have been actively releasing Internal Release builds for a few years. We have posted various videos and screenshots on our web site, forums, and social sites to show our progress. Including this thread on our forums which contains various YouTube videos: ... f=8&t=6759

Art samples;



More art can be seen here;

Chaos thread on Unreal Tournament forums: ... -Chaos-Mod

We have a large Design Doc, that includes a full arsenal of weapons, game types, and features. With lots of work still ahead of us.

The Chaos web site has a work-in-progress 'Items and Features' page for our UT4 version (NOTE: it only includes what we already have in-game!);

We are welcoming new talent, IF you are dedicated to bringing results. Positions open include;

Effects Artist
Concept Artist
Character modeler

If you are interested, please contact us.

Our home:

Thank you for reading.