IR21 on test server now

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IR21 on test server now

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Mr Warhead has given us IR21 for testing, and it's a big bag of tweaks and bug fixes. In phases like this, there isn't always fancy new art to show. It's more about tweaking what's already there, and squashing bugs.

Here's an edited changelog;

IR21 9/7/2016
Gemini twin now looks like owner
Twin now no longer lags game when spawned
Twin now can triple jump instead of being floaty
Twin no longer shows on scoreboard
No more 'joined game/left game' messages for twin
No points for killing twin
Owner gets points for twin's kills
Twin now attacks when in online game
Twin now does not seek or carry flags
Fixed Pestilence infected vampire bag spawning red splat
Fixed Pestilence expansion/dissipation online display issues
Fixed vamp wing blood splat not spawning in online play
Fixed issues with vampire blood bag causing crashes or not awarding health for point blank kills.
Fixed issue with not being able to pick up vampire blood bag after victim respawns after a rocket kill.
Made armor shard height above floor same as health vials
Fixed vampire wings not disapppearing if turn off relic while falling
Fixed vampire wings not being positioned correctly while wall walking
Relics no longer allowed to be active while feigning death
Vampire glide now stops properly when tossing relic while gliding
When activating Zen while wall walking, you now get out of the wall walk animation properly
Medusa effect now stops when victim dies
Decreased number of bubbles in pestilence gas
Pestilence gas now works under water with a bubbly look
Pestilence gas now grows out of player body
Chaos is now selectable from UT game setup
Chaos now has a setup screen

The last two lines there are kinda neat. We're now in the menu. Current plan is to allow servers/hosts to decide if they want to use Relics in their games or not. And if so, players get to choose which Relic they wish to spawn with (you can still toss 'n switch mid match). Our relics are not active as soon as you spawn, you must activate them. We are working on a system which limits how much you can use them in a match. So it's not just all relics all the time. More on that later.

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