IR23 is being tested

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IR23 is being tested

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Here's a changelog;


UT Alpha 10/18/2016 api version 3008045 4.14.0-3164292+++UT+Release-Next
Fixed armor shards not giving armor
Armor gold overlay on player now shows for armor shard wheen armor goes over 50 (per UT's armor rules)
Fixed weapon not coming back when coming out of Zen mode
Totally removed triangle leader hats, even when there is a leader
When gemini twin dies for any reason, no points or awards happen
When twin dies due to relic deactivation, no suicide message happens any more
When twin kills owner, owner score is debited
Twin now spawns with owner non super weapons
Twin now spawns in front of owner
Twin now no longer wanders from owner
Twin now dies with a special effect
Gave vengeance spirits a buff, 150 damage, 8 seconds duration
Vampire kills always give blood cord
Vampire blood bag no longer gives cord and must be touched, for an extra reward of 10 health
Vampire kills always gib
Vampire blood bag spawns closer to floor (because it is the gibbed remains of the victim)
Vampire blood bag changed to beating heart
Put in protective code to try to stop medusa glitch where spell remains active after owner death
Fixed pestilence gas showing up under water
Pestilence gas now spawns less bubbles when on the move
Zen relic graphcial tweaks
Put new prototype active effect bone emitter on vampire and gemini
New electrical effect for repulse
New electrical effects for kami charge and explosion
New Kami explosion sounds
New Repulse sound
Hoverboard now works in net play
You can now pickup the hoverboard, get on and off it
New Game Type DeathRace with two new test maps

We seriously want to get a first version out 1st half of this year, if possible. Guess maybe we'll call it pre-alpha.
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