[CUT2E] - Accessing the extra Chaotic Hoverboards

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[CUT2E] - Accessing the extra Chaotic Hoverboards

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:proxy: Here is a little treat for the long-serving faithful followers of Chaos :proxy:

Inside the Chaos mod are 2 extra boards that were intended for alternative game modes.
You should already be familiar with the "HoverBoardHyper" which is the faster board normally used in the game type "Chaos HyperCTF". This is equipped with the same devastating onboard weapon.
The (until now) unused "jHoverBoard" is beta and will not be finished, but it is very functional although a little difficult to steer in small spaces.
This previously hidden board differs from the other 2 in that it has no weapon, and you can use any of the weapons you are carrying, including the Chaotic cutlery collection, so now a "hover-by decapitation" is a very real possibility flaggrules
:spin: Heads will roll for this !

Modern PCs have allowed mappers to make huge maps far beyond those of 13 years ago, and the Chaos Hoverboards are a very useful personal transport in huge Onslaught and VCTF maps.
The Chaos Hoverboards offer more stealthy way to cover a lot of ground fast, while also cushioning your landing from a normally deadly fall, and allowing you to cross stretches of water.
It is the perfect vehicle for a sniper or scout in any big map, so very handy for team games where spotters are needed.

We are now releasing these radical rides from their chains to be used in any Vehicle Swapper mod, so they can easily be added to any game type you want.
I commonly have a board added as my alt-fire option in the Air Power mod by Monarch, which I use in most large outdoor maps, but as noted they should now be available in your favourite vehicles mod 8)
For convenience I added the following lines under the existing entry for the normal Hoverboard, but you can add them at the top or bottom if you prefer, or anywhere between.

Add these lines to
..\Unreal Tournament 2004\SystemChaosUT2.ucl

Code: Select all

Vehicle=(ClassName=ChaosUT.HoverBoardHyper,FriendlyName=ChaosUT.HoverBoardHyper.VehicleNameString="Hyper Board",FallbackName="Hyper Board",FallbackDesc="Hyper Board")
Vehicle=(ClassName=ChaosUT.jHoverboard,FriendlyName=ChaosUT.jHoverboard.VehicleNameString="jHover Board",FallbackName="jHover Board",FallbackDesc="jHover Board")
Add these lines to
..\Unreal Tournament 2004\ChaosUT2\System\ChaosUT2.int

Code: Select all

VehiclePositionString="on a Hyperboard"

VehiclePositionString="on a jHoverboard"
...Now fly and be free my beauties !!!
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