Hoverboard Game Type

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Hoverboard Game Type

Post by levithanh296 »

Many ideas for a hoverboard, I have.

1: Space surf! Zero gravity, everyone spawns on a platform with auto spawning hoverboards. when they come outside into space, the hoverboard becomes aerodynamic like a spaceship in the zero gravity. 'jumping' and pressing buttons in combinations or stunting over asteroids gives you daredevils. a daredevil score is how many points you have. reach (set limit) points and you be the best hoverboard rider!
Gametype name: SS.
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Re: Hoverboard Game Type

Post by R.Flagg »

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Re: Hoverboard Game Type

Post by Dr.Flay »

Welcome to the forum levithan :proxy:

I am seeing the potential.
I am imagining having to grapple an asteroid as while flying past it. so you can flip around quickly instead of shooting past in a wide arc.

Sounds like fun being able to forget about gravity. Maybe a great way to make the grapple even more useful.
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Re: Hoverboard Game Type

Post by alexis92 »

Was this ever made into a real thing? I'm super late to the party but it sounds dope honestly...
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