ChaosUT / ChaosUT2E Turret Health

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ChaosUT / ChaosUT2E Turret Health

Post by Netzpatron »

Hello there!
Is there any way to increase the turrets starting Health ?

The reason why I ask is that turrets in both UT2004 and UT99 are very easy and quick to destroy which is kinda sad, as it is easier to destroy the turret than making him empty and take control over him.
I really like the function you can take over turrets, but that's not worth it if your enemy can snipe him down with 5 shots ;).

These are the only settings you can change in the menu or ChaosUT.ini . Is there any other hidden file you can change the health of turret, for example 5000 instead of 500?

Thanks in advance !
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Re: ChaosUT / ChaosUT2E Turret Health

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I have had a look at the UT2004 mod and can't find a way yet. I will have a look at the UT99 mod later.

Really the idea is you look after your turrets. It is up to the players to repair them and reload more ammo.
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