Question about ut2004 and ut2003 map conversion

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Question about ut2004 and ut2003 map conversion

Post by amongoeth »

I noticed when i installed ut2004 it seemed to convert all my default and custom ut2003 maps to work with ut2004,,,does anyone know how i could make a ut2004 map work on ut2003?

I have a few custom maps that were made for ut2004 that i would love to play on ut2003,i figured if ut2004 converted maps then isnt it posible to make a ut2004 map work on ut2003?

is there some type of file i can change or rename to make the maps work on ut2003?
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Post by jb »

I have no idea :(
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Post by Hammerman »

I don't have ut2003 installed anymore so I can't say for sure but you can place the maps and any custom content (textures, static meshes.....) in your ut2003 install and see if they work. If they use content that came with ut2004 but not ut2003 there may be some stuff missing but they may still work. If you do this and the maps don't show in the map list in the game menu you may have to open the maps in UnrealEd (in ut2003) and save the maps after they load and give the error message. In this case you could also use the error message to determin what packages are missing and copy them from ut2004 as well.


You could just play UT2004 :D

Good luck
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