q2dm8 (warehouse) map for ut2003 or ut2004?..UT3?

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q2dm8 (warehouse) map for ut2003 or ut2004?..UT3?

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Does anyone know if there has been a remake of the classic q2dm8 warehouse map for ut2003 or ut2004?
If so,can i get a link to it?

Ive googled it but was unable to find it,but what was crazy is that i found there are tons o other people looking for that map for quake3 or quake4 or ut2004 as well as q2dm1 through q2dm8!

There is obviously a huge demand for those classic quake2 maps,to me they are still the best maps ever made but only a few here and there were remade.
So my next appeal is this,when you guys go to make the new chaos mod for UT3 (i am praying that you make it),,can you please just once and for all remake all of the classic quake2 maps fromq2dm1 to q2dm8?
If i had the skills to make maps i would have already done it,but i have to rely on you truely great map makers out there.I love that you guys remade "jailhouse frag"
and "jump",please carry those maps over into UT3 along with the other q2 maps i mentioned :)

Here is a list of the q2 maps i have found so far for UT2004,if anyone knows of others,please tell me the names and where i can find them :)
chaosdm1(jailhouse frag)...bounce(chaosdm4-jump)...the edge (q2dm1),,tokay towers(q2dm2)...the frag pipe(q2dm3)....the pitts(q2dm5)...q2dm6(lava tomb)...q2dm7(that slimy place)

Here is a list of maps i am still hoping to find:
q2dm4(lost hallways)...q2dm8(warehouse)...chaosdm2(cirith minor)...chaosdm3(cirith major)...chaosdm4(personal vendetta)...chaosdm6(manufracture 1on 1 )
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Post by Neocane »

here ya go bud, i hope you like it! please let me know what you think.

http://files.filefront.com/Tokay+Towers ... einfo.html
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