least resource hungry way of doing a trigger system.

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least resource hungry way of doing a trigger system.

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I know of how to trigger such an effect, but I'm guessing there's a much more efficient (least CPU resources used) to do it. Ya, I know trigger systems don't eat gobs of resources, but I'd still like to trim the fat so to speak.

I'd like a there to be two locations A and B, which would each be governed by 1 trigger using collision cylinder, and each be affected by a player, a bot, or a monster, but NOT a projectile/explosion, etc.

Then, there will be a kill area C governed by a cylinder area (I'm guessing scripted trigger) that will envelop both the other triggers A and B, and will execute it's kill effect only if both A and B are simulateously occupied by player/bot/monster.

I'm thinking one trigger that's trigger other trigger type (lets say B) and then a scripted trigger that waits for B, and then waits for A within .1 seconds, with A having a triggerrepeattime of .1 and fails (loops back to start) if no A quickly, but I figure there's a better way to do it.

Is there? What's the best way?
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Post by Hammerman »

Yeah, I have a response.

uhhhh WHAT!?

Sorry, I just love car insurance commercials with cavemen.
I haven't tried anything like this so I'll just guess. A Counter Trigger counting the other triggers set to PlayerProximity then triggering the kill volume? Anybody else?
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