Chaos Weapons in standard maps?

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Chaos Weapons in standard maps?

Post by IIvII »

Hello. I want to start off by saying thank you guys for all the awesome work you guys have done on the mod! I was on an assault server recently and saw that the gravity vortex gun being used. I'm just entering the map making world for UT2k4 and would like to add that gun to my map. While I can add it quite easily to my map it appears I need certain files for the server to recognize the map properly (due to the weapon). What all files do I need in order for the server to recognize my map and is there anyway to "cook" the files into the map itself? Anything that I use from your team would be fully credited of course. Thanks in advance.
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Post by Azarael »

I should interject here, because you probably saw the vortex on the server I admin. As far as I'm aware, although I may be wrong, the Vortex rip commonly seen in maps by the Projectile Waffle Clan goes against the preferences of the ChaosUT team, who would prefer that their mod is distributed as a whole - which is why I've edited any Vortex maps we have to remove the weapon. It would be nice to be wrong though - I've wanted to use Chaos weaponry in maps, but the clientele of the server bitch and whine about any sizable download.

To save packages with a map, move assets into the myLevel package.
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