Templar CHAOS Titans

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Templar CHAOS Titans

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Back when ChaosUT 1st came out I didn't know how to edit maps, but now I do. With a full version available to me, I decided to setup one of my UTDMT CTF edits so it could play with Chaos weapons even if the mutator wasn't running. Also to use only Chaos gear, as the mutator doesn't switch all of the normal UT weapons:

Although I didn't need to put all the weapons on the map. Funny thing about how it works is if you've got the PoisonCrossbow and the ExplodingCrossbow, somehow you also have the normal Crossbow even if it isn't anywhere on the map... although I think I did leave one on there for both teams. Same thing works with the Claw.

Enjoy · http://www.mediafire.com/file/pgi39rc71 ... Titans.zip

You will need to download this too for the map to work · http://files.chaoticdreams.org/Chaos/Ch ... onumod.zip

Usual Suspects:
.int /system
.uax /sounds
.unr /maps
.umx /music
.u /system
.utx /textures
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