Old games on new computers

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Old games on new computers

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IMPORTANT - Windows updates
Since Windows Vista, a fresh Windows does not have the complete DirectX support.
It is common for games and some software software to update DirectX during a full install so you may have installed some of it already.
To fully support DirectX 7, 8 and 9 you will need to use the "DirectX End-User Runtime", to install the missing files.
DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) https://www.microsoft.com/download/details.aspx?id=8109 (95.6 MB)

Since Vista, newer Windows security can block UT99 and UEd2 from functioning properly, especially if you install into the regular "Program Files" folder.
Preferably you should install UT to another location eg. "D:/UnrealTournament" and exclude the game and editor from "Data Execution Prevention (DEP)"
https://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/win ... SignedIn=1
http://vistasupport.mvps.org/disable_da ... ention.htm

If your sound drivers do not come with EAX support you can use the generic version.
OpenAL (EAX) driver
Mirror of the most resent versions.

Mouse problems are common in old games.
Make sure you enable "UseDirectInput" in the game settings.

Windows mouse acceleration "Enhance Pointer Precision" interferes with the in-game movement ratio.
Disable the Windows acceleration and set the sensitivity slider to the middle point.
If you still have mouse problems try one of the registry tweaks from MarkC, where you can also find more info.

Game Updates

UT2004 has a 64bit update which also includes a DirectX9 renderer.
http://ut2004.ut-files.com/index.php?di ... s/Windows/

UT99 is an old 32 bit game which does not like multi-core variable speed CPUs.
Locking the CPU to max power during installation can be enough for some people to fix the issue of the game speed fluctuating during play.
If you still suffer with the game speed changing, then try using one of the patched versions of the EXE

Updated video and audio renderers are also available for UT99.
The current versions are available from OldUnreal. The newest OMP full distro is v0.99b

DirectX10 renderers are available for several UE1 games

The new OpenGL is the preferred renderer to use if you have an nVidia GFX chip.
If you have ATI or intel GFX, you will get better performance with the new DirectX9 or 10 renderers.
A useful guide was created at UT99.org and is valid for all new renderers since the ones discussed in it.

Whichever renderer you chose, you should also manually change the windowed render in the UnrealTournament.ini for example OpenGL would look like this;

Code: Select all

This will make any windows such as player and bot selection also use the same new renderer.

Configuring the new renderers is made easier with this mod menu item
Advanced settings GUI https://ut99.org/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=6393
You can use this Field Of View Calculator to find the value you need for widescreens.
You can manually edit the desired FOV value in the User.ini

I have made some replacement UT99 defaults in a few files. These will also add extra information in the renderer selection window.
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... 2pDdnNyYjQ

Final UT99 fixes
If you want to enable "Advanced Model Support", you need the AMS update
If you have the full UT99 GOTY edition or installed the official bonus packs 1 and 4, you will need the fixes
http://www.ut-files.com/index.php?dir=P ... bp1fix.rar
http://www.ut-files.com/index.php?dir=P ... 13umod.rar
Unreal Engine resources: https://yourunreal.wordpress.com
Register your Unreal site at http://forumdirectory.freeforums.org
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Re: Old games on new computers

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